Thursday, 6 October 2011

Twitter – The Wonder iPhone App

The Twitter app of iPhone is a very sleek tool that allows one to participate in social networking with the world. It is all because of the efforts put in by the iPhone developers to integrate twitter with your iPhone that one is able to use this application easily. The word ‘tweet’ is inspired from birds that keep tweeting now and then. Today is the world of social networking, and twitter is the king of social networks. It is extremely flexible and easy to start. Due to the lightweight nature of iPhone applications, the twitter app too is robust and well developed app by the iPhone development from around the world. While developing this app, it must have been top priority to keep in mind, customers’ comfort and hence offshore iPhone development teams have seen to it that this app is highly appealing and futuristic in terms of appearance. It gives us the feeling of tweeting via a laptop even though we use a phone; it’s much easier in fact. The new enhanced features of twitter app are meant for you There is a concept called ‘follow’ in twitter that keeps us up to date about our friends and their activities. This has been added as one of the many functionality of the twitter app. Auto-fill is the next feature. When tweeting, we need to specify a recipient name (ideally our friends). Once we start typing their names, the auto-fill feature completes it for us. This enables faster tweeting. ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’. Tweeting a thousand words is uncool, Hence photo tweets. This is done through the camera feature after clicking the picture. Link optimization is the next feature. When we want to tweet a long link, the twitter app shows us an optimized link that reduces size and increases readability on the iPhone screen. Convenient view to have one-on-one conversations, adds ups as our next feature. The messages are easy to read once it is arranged based on their senders. So, where ever you are or where ever your work takes you never lose touch with your friends. Keep tweeting with twitter on iPhone and feel wonderful with the wonder app.

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Sandeep Patekar

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