Sunday, 9 October 2011

iPhone Newsstand All Your Headlines Set Up

The iPhone development teams realizing that all of us are busy and on the move and therefore have created the newsstand feature. This unique feature allows users to get all the latest headlines on a single screen and if interested even read more about it too. This is truly a boon for the majority of people who have no time to go through the magazines they love or even read a newspaper. The newsstand is a decent option that you need to consider giving a try. The newsstand actually allows you to read and access all the news, in just one place by letting you to easily and swiftly browse through your favorite publications. It is differentiated from other RSS readers through development of an inimitable UI component and its ability to organize the feeds into folders and sub-folders. Newsstand is, according to many users, probably the best news reader and has recently been updated to v2.0. What the newsstand has to offer you? The iPhone newsstand has the ability to quickly update a list of hundreds of the feeds. Compared to other news readers like Byline, navigation with newsstand is done per-feed and deletion and re-ordering the feeds is done in bulk. As soon as any new issue becomes present, Newsstand automatically updates them in the background. This can be compared to literally having the newspaper delivered to your front door. The interesting iPhone applications shows you the read news as unread news as well; therefore if at any time you need to go back to previous headlines of the day you can do so with ease. The landscape view, which is offered by the newsstand is great as it mimics a bookshelf or magazine rack to display your list of feeds. This makes the scanning through really simple as we already are familiar with going through bookshelves. Whenever you interchange the mode from landscape to portrait or vice versa you will need to adjust the feeds to suit your view, because this is not an automated feature, as not everyone likes the mode of view changed. Therefore the newsstand is the best newspaper available to you day after day,

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