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List Out Some of Unsatisfying/Disappointing Things About The Apple's iOS 7

About an two months ago Apple put there latest version of its iOS 7 for free download and its come with new iPhone 5S and now iOS 7 are available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch for free software update download, According to apple, iOS 7 is a brand new user interface and come with 200 new features. It made in such a way that it can take full advantage of iPhone 5s's 64-bit processsor. iPhone 5S has already criticized for not providing latest software update. Here we list out some of the shortcomings of apple's latest operating system iOS 7.

Game Center is more need of update

Style has been changed of Game Center in iOS 7 but the frustrating thing is that you can not see your friends here, you can not able to see that your friends are currently playing or not and also you can not able to talk with your friend and with other players.

Apps does not support

For every new software version its also requires to updated apps, otherwise with new software updates apps will not work. If we talk about apple stores then, company is approved all apps before it;s download on particular device. Apple updates existing apps such as user interface changes and now The apps may not get immediate approval, according to ZDNet.

Slow Animation

Although even if you have the latest device of Apple, Apps open and close zooming animation are slow compare to iOS 6, according to cnet.

It is slow on older devices

It is known for considering that older devices may not support all features and a new operating system on the device will be slow. But Users who downloaded the update of the new iPhone 5 is expected to run their battery a little more.

Landscape mode is not available

iPad user can use wide screen using landscape view doing a little bows of a iPad, But this option is not available for iPhone users.

Jailbreak is not come yet

Jailbreak is still not available on iOS, It become open the door for new features, apps, and services of iOS. But Unlock-ijailbreak says that Jailbreak is available but this time it is not free. jailbreak OS is available for $24.99.

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