Monday, 20 February 2012

Social Networking Apps For Satisfying Your Internet Addiction

Social networking is the latest buzz and mainly after the release of smartphones people are more addicted towards it. iPhone is one among those smartphones and the most used one too. iPhone enjoys a reputed position in mobile industry as within no time it gained immense popularity after its launch. iPhone development satisfies all your such addition towards social networking and you can connected to your friends, family, employees, co-workers etc.

The best thing to happen with social networking after Facebook is iPhone. iPhone application development brings social revolution as it enables us to effectively communicate, stay in touch with closed ones and avoids the need for desktop or laptop. You can now satisfy your social networking addiction from your pocket. Here we will present some social networking apps for iPhone that you can use as per your interests or needs.

iPhone development, iPhone application development offers you with high quality of apps covering various categories like business, education, lifestyle, games and many more. Here are some social networking iPhone applications that you can outsource from talented iPhone developers.
  • Facebook: Lets you to connect with friends, family or people with similar interests while enabling to share photos, videos and status.
  • Yahoo! Messenger: Lets you connect with your IM friends with the use of video and voice.
  • LiveProfile: Enables you to stay connected with friends and share in real-time. Using this app on iPhone you can send free messages from a mobile to another; update your status, photos, videos and more.
  • Beluga: It is cross-platform app that can be used in iPhone and allows you to message for groups. You are required to pay no fees for any text messages you send and all info, photos and updates can be sent only via push notification.
  • Meebo: this one is also a messaging app connecting you with your friends from wherever you go.
  • The list continues covering different categories for chatting & messaging, Location, Music, Photograph, Postcards, Twitter, Friend and contact Management, polls and question, audio and video and dating.
  • All the above topics include social networking apps like GroupMe, Freespeech, Convore, Goba, PingChat, fring, Colloquy, foursquare, Gowalla, Google Latitude, Ditto Localmind, Ladidude, Recco, atzip, Prowl owl, SuperGlued, SongChat, TuneTweet, SocialPlayer, Flickr, Instagram, Dailybooth, Socialcam, Meedeor, Path, Autopost, Actioncam, Picplz, DreamStream, PicBounce, Phototreats, Liveshare, Postino, Postman, Postage, Spout, Twittereffic and many more.

Social networking apps on iPhone now makes life easier and you always stay connected with those whom you want irrespective of your location. Earlier you all also might have faced problems when you always needed a desktop and a laptop and when you are away from those gadgets you feel cut-off from rest of the world. But iPhone apps development will allow you seamlessly to access any of your favorite social networking website with just few clicks. Outsource out a big list and choose your favourite one for your iPhone.

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