Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Mobile Advertising or Marketing: Pay Less Gain More

Mobile advertising offers unlimited benefits for advertisers by being different from the older traditional methods. Smartphones like iPhone, Android; Blackberry etc have made this possible which allows all of us to get access to the most powerful thing so far i.e. Internet. We all are very well aware of the power of Internet which was used via PCs and laptops but new mobile phones now gives us to use it right from our palm. Mobile advertising industry is booming similarly like the smart phone industry.

US, India, Vietnam and Indonesia lead other countries in using these types of smartphones and thus we expect mobile advertising to grow with no limits in these countries. Also this industry is blooming in more than other 50 countries. Mobile advertising solutions are of many types and you can choose any out of them as per your needs & budget. There are many expert service providing industries who can offer you real beneficial and interactive mobile advertising solutions. Main thing is that you pay much less than what you used to previously. Traditional methods of advertising passed on your marketing efforts to limited people and yet proved to be costly. While Mobile advertising reaches unlimited people and lets you pay much less. Options like simple text messaging, ad campaigns in mobile advertising portals, targeting specific mobile users, targeting advertisement to all mobile users, interactive videos and many more. You can choose as your budget and needs allow but let us see how it benefits us more from the earlier/other ways of advertising.

Mobile advertising solutions if are more interactive, attractive, professional giving a clear message to the viewer while also engages them and attracts to buy your product/services then you are succeed. Educate them with clear and effective ads that make interested in your product while also convince them that they are paying correctly for the product.

Number One: Very huge numbers like millions & billions of mobile users is the first benefit for advertisers. Majority of population uses mobile phones while many of them are smartphone owners. Thus you can reach this entire people to communicate your business message and try to convince.

Number Two: Mobile Owners will be always accompanied with their mobile phones. Looking at the use of mobile phones they are definitely an addiction for those who own them. So they will never leave their phone alone just like cash and keys. Even more they give importance to mobile phones without which they will feel like they are cut-off from the entire world. The list is so long of what purposes people use mobile phones thus it is obvious they need them badly. So anytime your advertisement can create an effect on them make your plans work. Wired internet, ad campaigns, TVs, newspapers etc. all are old ideas and they all are with the audience for only some time.

Number Three: Many options in low prices is the best benefit compared to other modes of advertising. Mobile advertising offers you with many options to choose for as we have mentioned earlier like simple messaging to unlimited people, advertising by paid search, displaying ads on mobile, click to call ads, mobile advertising through apps, click to map advertising and many more options are there to choose for advertising on smartphone. All these services comparatively are priced very low than other methods. Additionally you it offers superior convenience than anything else.

Choose any one and you are guaranteed with benefits for your business and revenues.

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Sandeep Patekar

MD @ Mobi People INC. Working For Clients for Various types of mobile application / software development. Working from last 10 years in web based software & Moile based application development industry.


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