Sunday, 13 November 2011

Is IPhone Really That Good?

Is the iPhone better than any other phone?  Consumers who own the iPhone respond with a resounding “yes”.  iPhone makes life easier.

iPhone development teams have made iPhone applications that enable consumers to shoot 8-megapiel photos and 1080p HD video.  FaceTime is incredible as is browsing the web.  Sending messages through both the text and email apps plus the outsourced developed apps available for downloading make the iPhone a communication must have.

Outsourced Developed Messaging Apps

As soon as the iPhone was announced, instant messaging began to be developed for the iPhone by the outsourced iPhone development teams.  Since the inception of the iPhone, more and more messaging applications from outsourced iPhone developers are available to be downloaded from the App Store.  Push Notifications developed by Apple and outsourced app technologies have made it possible to run most of the major instant messaging apps.  

What Messaging Apps Are Available?

BeejiveIM, Y! Messenger, Palringo, AOL Instant Messenger, and AIM cover a very short list.  BeejiveIM received the highest ratings out of the Apple Market apps, but the price of $10 makes BeejiveIM a little pricy even for iPhone owners.  Push Notifications or capabilities are emerging weekly and choosy iPhone developers will continue to review these messaging services.  Of course, Apple will always rate their own messaging service as the recommended service.


Using Skype to view family and friends when talking on a Smartphone is great, but the iPhone and iPad have the capability to use FaceTime as their video messaging of choice.  FaceTime will allow family and friends to literally see you as you talk.  Just click onFaceTime or use the application Siri and your iPhone will place a FaceTime call to your contact’s iPhone, IPad, or iPod touch or even Mac over a Wi-Fi connection.  You are face-to-face quickly and effortlessly.  


iPhone and iPad development teams have created an app that will make handwritten lists obsolete.  List anything you want, add deadlines and locations.  Set up alerts on these lists or just tell the Siri app to schedule reminders.  Everything you have to do during the day, week, or even month is in your hand.  You will not be able to forget to “bring home milk” again!

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