Thursday, 6 December 2012

How does Android give a tough competition to iPhone?

Android development and iphone development are the two major mobile platforms. Both have always given stiff competition to each other, although yes there was a time when iPhone did lead considering it was the first one to launch a truly innovative smartphone. However, today, many may argue and debate on who exactly is the leader. There may be some who may prefer iPhone over Android while others may prefer Android over iPhone. However, we are not getting into the data and figures if Android development is better or not. What we are trying to establish is that there are certainly a couple of features, which gives Android an edge over iPhone. So, here’s a brief on these very interesting features that Android development offers and thereby enjoys a lead over its competitor:

First and foremost where one will noticeably find the different is the browser because I do personally feel as an Android development user that is far better than iPhone Safari. I do admit that iPhone safari is extremely good in terms of it being fast and reliable, yet one cannot ignore the fact that Safari does not support Flash. This is not the case with Android development browser, which does support Flash and it definitely loads pages at a much more faster rate than iPhone development. Also, iPhone only has Safari as a browser, which can be quite restrictive since there is no other option. The same is not the case with Android, which also offers Opera Mini, Dolphin and its default browser.

Everyone is familiar with all the icons that iPhone displays on its desktop but it is not the case with Android development. Android development has ensured that its desktop not only looks good but also works smarter with the widgets that it displays. The best part is that the widgets have a particular role to play where for instance; the Twitter widget helps users to directly update the status from the desktop. This particular feature of widgets as part of Android development sets it apart from its leading competitor iPhone.

Another feature that sets Android development way apart from iPhone is the multi-notification. I can definitely vouch that this feature on Android is absolutely amazing because the notification bar on the Android development phone actually provides alerts for practically everything including new voice messages, email messages, text messages, Facebook notification, Tweets etc. However, with iPhone it is different because there the notification system is based on a single system, which means one cannot access multiple notifications.

In today’s day and age when mobile has become an important part of our lives, it doesn’t come as a surprise that some of us would like to personalize our mobile phones to match with our requirements. What is really nice about Android development mobile phones is that it actually allows users to configure and personalize their mobile. For instance a business user can personalize the desktop to suit their requirements.

Hence, overall, not only this but every benefit is a great benefit for Android development users and being an avid user myself, I can definitely vouch that if Android continues to offer such amazing features that day is not too far when Android development will definitely spearhead of iPhone in every respect.

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