Sunday, 28 October 2012

iPhone Developers Throw Light On Multicam Editing Through Final Cut Pro X

iPhone development application is one of the most innovative platforms considering it boasts a rich amalgamation of features and provides a host of new updates in multicam editing. This latest update is free for existing users but new users would need to purchase the complete application. There are many features that make this completely standout and make it possible for iPhone application development team to capitalize on its suite of extensive features.

1. Multicam:

iPhone application development teams realize the important of multicam that helps them assemble a number of multicam projects with more speed and flexibility. It features a 64-bit engine that allows users to work native environment as well as in real time with the support of video codec's, frame rates and frame sizes. It even provides a flexible option of syncing up to 64 angles of both videos and photos and one can even custom sync aligned footages.

2. Compound Clips:

This is an amazing feature that enables offshore iPhone development team to assemble a group of elements and then convert them into a single clip. This feature not only removes clutter but it also provides a simpler version of the segment that will be easy to duplicate.

3. Auditions:

This interesting feature allows iPhone developers to gather alternative shots within a single location and then ensure they are cycled all together in the right context.

4. Inline precision editor:

The magnetic timeline offers a much more advanced method of trimming when compared to conventional methods. It offers additional control through which iPhone developers can double-click and edit to access Precision Editor and then make the appropriate changes.

5. Access to content libraries:

This latest version of final cut Pro X offers direct access to content libraries where iPhone application development team can conveniently search for music, photos and sound effects without exiting out of Final Cut Pro.

6. Great collections:

Another amazing aspect of this application is that it helps organize clips in a number of diverse ways wherein one is not required to copy or move any files. iPhone developers can easily search using a combination of keywords and metadata and saving it under smart collection.

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