Friday, 17 February 2012

India Adapting Mobile Advertising Increasingly

India is nowhere behind in usage of latest technologies, hi-tech Smartphone, expert service providing etc. Global companies outsource all types of mobile apps development, mobile solutions or mobile software development from Indian IT service providing companies. Also there are huge population using latest Smartphone that are web enabled and allows them with access to various apps and internet services. For those who bet their future on India mobile advertising industry is definitely going to win. Mobile advertising is growing with continuous growth in past years and so is expected more in forth coming years. You will be glad to know this growth's reason is Indian market.

Indian mobile advertising market has crossed the numbers of total of 2010 year in the very first half of 2011 and these numbers are in billions of mobile advertising solutions. US, India, Vietnam and Indonesia are considered to be the top four leaders leading the growth of mobile advertising market in the world. Of course the market is not limited to these four let them be toppers but now it has spread across 50 countries and each one expect the above four had the market for 100 million mobile advertisements in the initial half of 2011. 

UK is of next most interesting country for mobile advertising solutions market after the above fours. It is included in the list for future growing countries for mobile advertising. India is expected to earn more revenues in forthcoming years from mobile advertising. People are choosing to own smart phones because of its numerous benefits, apps and multi-tasking features. India service providers are also more focused towards providing users with interactive ads to attract the audience.

If we look at benefits of mobile advertising then there is no end which is why it is expected to earn more fame and name in forthcoming years. Some reasons why people choose to go with mobile advertising solutions are here:
  • Maximum exposure of your business: Mobile advertising platform or mobile advertising portals and solutions expose your business widely. Irrespective of place and time it allows audience to access your ad/site/msg to anyone from his/her mobile phone.
  • Eco-friendly option: Mobile advertising solutions are eco-friendly the helps to improve your business while taking care of our planet. Make a difference by choosing this paper-free option for advertising.
  • Offers more convenience: Mobile ads are convenient to watch at any time, any place, and also the most relevant one.
  • No end to latest updates and news: Mobile advertising allows you to update any information at any moments like sales, new products, new services, new rates etc.
  • Can be used by any visitor from any corner of the world: Fromm all across the globe anybody can view your ads and choose your product.
  • Fastest growing business: Mobile advertising portals, solutions etc is the fastest growing considered with other. Smartphone have really boomed as no other technology so far and so is this industry growing with no boundaries.

There are many more benefits to use this platform for marketing. Choose as per your needs and market your products/business to millions.

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Sandeep Patekar

MD @ Mobi People INC. Working For Clients for Various types of mobile application / software development. Working from last 10 years in web based software & Moile based application development industry.


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