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Advanced Features Of Various Versions Of Android Make It An Irresistible Apps

Android is an operating system that is compatible on most of the mobile phones, laptops, tablets and many more.  The facilities provided by Android mobile applications includes various advanced features that include  better connectivity, adaptability to numerous languages, better storage medium , supports all kinds of video and audio files, in built web browser, multi tasking and multi touch and supports hardware components and many more. With some any features Android mobile applications provide better flexibility and ease of operation. Every time there is a recent release from Android it caters to the needs of the users in some way or the other. It may be either fixes some kind of bug in the previous version or just enhances the features that were never found in any other device.

Versions Of Android:

The versions of Android include 2.3,3.0,3.1,3.2, 4.0  each one being stacked with various features.

The earliest release from the Google is the Gingerbread 2.3 which came with features like copy/paste. Better user interface, advanced gaming performances and so on. They were also  able to support SIP and near field communication.

The Honey comb version 3.0 contained still more added features like large screen device compatibility, multi core processors, better graphic presentation and so on. Besides this it also contained newer and advanced user interface features that scores more points.

The latter version that is 3.1 and 3.2 contained some features that was like an add on to the previous versions like it was compatible with most of the android powered devices, zoom to fill mode, better input devices, also enabled transfer of files directly from the SD card onto the application devices.

But the most expected release of the Google in Android development is the Ice Cream sandwich . This is going to be the first to have successfully merged Smartphone and tablet variants. Nexus Prime is the first device to load this application and its manufactured by Samsung. With the relapse of Ice Cream sandwich Google is planning to wipe off the front facing buttons and make use of only screen, headphones and a power button making it simple, sleek and compact.

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