Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The SVG Fit For Flexible Use

SVG in full stands for Scalable Vector Graphics which is a file format for storing vector graphics. SVG files and images can be used for illustrations in articles, magazines, and books besides being used for other things such as scalable icons. The problem with SGV is that the user is supposed to have different types of software depending on the requirement specifications of SVG file.

Viewing the SVG Files

Many modern web browsers such as Safari, Firefox, and Opera support viewing SVG files directly in the browser apart from Internet Explorer. For those using Mac OS and Windows, Adobe SVG Viewer is the best option.

Why SGV is considered
  • The technologies used in creating the SVG images such as XML, XSL-FO, XSLT, and SGV are available in free implementations thus reducing the software license costs.
  • SVG is flexible in style as it offers supreme flexibility. This implies that any reports or graphs can be generated in any style. The style can be swiftly and easily altered and updated through the support of the CSS.
  • The XML format of SVG makes it possible to be altered to suit multiple outputs like HTML, PDF, web pages, among other graphic types.
  • The SVG images are of very high quality at any size.
  • Input data is not restricted to any particular software format but rather generated from any XML input. The data can originate from databases, office applications, spreadsheets, HTML tables, and any other data which provides the XML capabilities.
  • All the SGV report templates have the ability to be used to create reports for various types of input data. Besides the template can be shared and adapted with a lot of ease.
  • When designing the SVG, the iPhone developers never forget the idea of accessibility; shapes and groups can be assigned titles and descriptions, which are available to text-readers.
  • Also, the SVG allows the text within an SVG image to be searched, copied and pasted.
  • SVG supports animation as the objects and within SVG images can be animated and synchronized, providing extra visualization and presentation opportunities.
Due to all these features and many more that have been incorporated into SVG by the iPhone developers, this app has turned out to be the best.

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