Sunday, 16 October 2011

The stalwarts of all iPad apps – AirPlay and Video Mirroring

Video Mirroring is a milestone app in the history of computer apps that allows its users to operate and also show the world what they are operating. This is done with the help of a cable called the Digital AV adapter. Plugging in this cable to the iPad and to your display device (projector or television), gives a bigger picture of your work and a better understanding of what you are communicating not to mention the respect that you would command with your iPad. Thanks to the creation of this feature by the iPhone developers you can download many useful apps from Pasture and use them on our iPad for educational, vocational, personal and presentational purposes. All of this is possible only with the use of the AV adapter. Also this app is embedded into the iOS in such a way that whenever we change the iPad to landscape or portrait mode, it reflects on our display device as well.

Airplay and its features

AirPlay is another similar app of iPad that transmits to our HDTV through AppleTV wirelessly. The content is a continuously streamed data such as a movie or a slideshow of photos or a music medley. Also it enables the user to sit among his/her audience and run the show, since it is wireless transmission. This feature too enables rotation from landscape to portrait and back to landscape. No matter what the demonstration is it can be stylishly and sleekly imparted.

The AirPlay app can also be used with iCloud which is another wonderful application of the iPad. iCloud stores all your data and acts like a doorway to your Apple storage device. Data from here is continuously streamed into your HDTV like a live TV broadcast. Apart from all the above, the other interesting accessories are the iPad cover that is a foldable yet a secure cover. Your iPad can have differently coloured rear covers as well and hence it looks really awesome. Hence the iPad and its apps are truly to be looked out for and experienced.

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