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Application Tools for Blackberry Developers

There are a number of tools Blackbery developers can use to build robust Blackberry applications. Blackberry 6 offers a number of features that makes it suitable for developers to capitalize on and use it to their benefit. Blackberry applications can be developed that can be integrated with the core Blackberry SmartPhone apps. Blackberry application developers will find this suite of tools highly useful and are perfect to leverage significant advantages from it.

Blackberry Application Development Tools

Updated UI:

Blackberry 6 offers an updated UI that helps Blackberry application developers to improvise their productivity through
  • The pre-installed UI elements such as tables, pop-up menus, indicators, tools bars and pane managers
  • The ability to create a particular context related pop-up menu showcasing menu options
  • Blackberry developers will be able to customize lists and tables and even offer different models
  • Outsource Blackberry application development team will also be customized menus and display UI objects that are often used actions.
Blackberry Browser:

The Blackberry 6 Browser also includes a webkit that allows Blackberry application developers to develop dynamic portals and websites as well as feature centric mobile applications or even widgets.
  • Blackberry application developers will be able to load both information and data on the Blackberry SmartPhone so that it can also be accessed when network connection is not available.
  • The resources can be stored that are needed to run or implement the web-based application therefore ensuring the particular Blackberry application is always in use.
  • Blackberry application developers will be able to develop scripts that can even function in the background therefore ensuring the Blackberry application runs even when the browser is closed.
Device Integration:

Since new APIs are introduced on a frequent basis, hence Blackberry application developers can easily integrate the different apps with the features of the Blackberry SmartPhone core functionalities.
  • Blackberry application developers can make use of the unified search that offers complete integration and even lets users to conduct search on the web and access third-party applications.
  • Blackberry developers can also customize the look and feel of the location data as well as the number and size of the mapfield.
  • Blackberry application development team can also utilize multiple mapfiels at one time on the same screen.

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